timeION v. 1.2 Making of

At the first day of calendar summer we released a completely redesigned timeION. This was a first and major milestone towards delivering the World’s most beautiful and easy to use product for tracking teammates absences and communicating own availability and time off.

We promised you to move fast and bring next changes quick and often. Well, it took as a while to bring you what’s promised, but I’m 100% sure it was worth waiting.

One of our main goals was to create an app that will be loved by regular employees. To achieve that we had to make sure the adoption rate for such a software would be high enough for any manager to be willing to bring timeION to their company.

What’s been going on

With the new product design gained much love from majority of users, but there was some straightforward criticism from your sight. We took it very seriously. Like incredible seriously!

With that said, we were working day and night to make it possible. We decided to focus entirely on user happiness.  
In fact, we changed our approach in Agile SCRUM estimation switching from “Story points” to “Happy points”. Story points are about estimating the development effort and they’re good. But they don’t value our users needs, YOUR NEEDS and its importance.  

So what are the story points and how do we measure it?

Happy points formula is simple: X happy points = n (number of users requesting a feature) * y (how lack of this feature influences your experience with timeION) – Z (development effort).
We carefully collected all the feedback and sorted in a “Happy Points” order.  Here is what we’ve achieved in the process of redesigning the redesign.

Major changes:

Fully Editable Events

This is big! Now you are able to edit any kind of event. Enlarge, shorten, drag n’ drop, change Office to Time off.
No more deleting anything before adding a new events. Just drag it over and save! But you can even go further and change all the single events added via Work Schedule.

editable event



Add any kind of time off or work event via the Calendar Grid

Add even from the grid




Edit an event in the sidebar and preview it on the Calendar Grid





Add anything over everything

Now you can change Remote work to Office. Add Time Off over work event and vice versus

timeION- Add home office on office




More compact people list

Not only we squeezed the views to put more people to the calendar grid without scrolling, but we also made full people names and roles to be fully visible.
Look at the difference with the same screen resolution

timeION - People Bar - more compact

Redesigned Week view

We listened to you – our users. You said the Week View is hard to understand and doesn’t present a wide enough timeframe. So we revamped the look and feel of this view.
It’s more compact and delivers much easier to read and understand information.


So now instead of one dominating event type previously presented as a dot you’ll have all the events occurred that day.




Switching Hours/Days/Weeks View

Now timeION remembers your last choice and when you return to the app after closing a browser window the last selected view will be shown


Hours View now has hours presented 🙂

We’ve added a start/end hours to this view. It’s the first improvement towards the most detailed view among the three. Stay tuned.




Work/Time Off – in TABS

Previously when adding an event you had to choose a category (e.g. Vacation, Home office) for a long dropdown. Now it’s gone and we split it into 2 tabs to separate “Work” related and “Time Off” related activities

event category chosing



The “Beta” Logo

We’ve added the beta sign to our logo to kindly remind all of our wonderful users that we’re still in beta. We still need your support, we still need your empathy to help us making this product something you truly love.


Other changes:

  • We improved the overall visibility of focused area on the calendar grid
  • “Disable a user”  icon in Team Management page finally got right
  • Improved Google Calendar integration and increased timeION<–>GoogleCal synchronization speed
  • Now remote locations (such as Home Office) are included into reports section, available for Managers and Administrators
  • Fixed logging with Google when a person is using multiple Google accounts
  • You can added multi-days events from the sidebar
  • Rejected Time Off requests are now shown on a calendar grid with a warining icon
  • Tooltips with event details on mouse hover: name and exact time of any event is now shown on calendar grid
  • Ability to drag a timeline horizontally when holding mouse pointer
  • The timeline header is now pinned to the top when scrolling the calendar grid vertically
  • Events reflecting work, shown in sidebar now look the same as those added via Work Schedule
  • “Save” button in Work Schedule is inactive if there are no changes made


Lot’s and lot’s of bugs squashed

Here are just some of them:

  • No more “dancing events” when event time is entered from the keyboard
  • Rare bug with no confirmation dialogs when inviting a new user
  • Calendar grid controls and widgets don’t change their position upon scrolling actions
  • Optimized drag and drop actions in Work Schedule and day sidebar
  • Mobile: removed annoying tooltips and optimized navigation between different views
  • Many scrolling issues across the app are now gone
  • many backend performance tweaks


P.S. Hey, we actually started to work on iOS app 🙂 Our first prototypes are awesome!
But we don’t want to share them publicly just yet.




Please note, you can always check the full list of new features and improvements on our Release Notes webpage

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