Privacy Policy

What does the privacy policy contain?

This documents explains as clearly as possible the principle aspects connected with personal data other data and cookies, as well as and their use by the website and the owner of the website: 10CLOUDS Limited Liability Company (10CLOUDS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, register under number 0000405868 by the District Court for the  Capital City Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register) with its seat in Warsaw, Poland.

The website and the services provided through that website as well as 10CLOUDS Limited Liability Company shall jointly hereinafter be referred to as timeION (or “we”, “us”, or “our”).

When are personal data processed?

Personal data are collected by timeION only if the user voluntarily decides to provide his/her data, e.g. email address, name, last name, telephone. These data are collected for the purpose of receiving commercial information, commencement of cooperation with the user.

timeION does not automatically collect or process any personal data of persons visiting or using timeION .

The data of the users collected by timeION are processed by us in a manner consistent with the scope of the consent granted by the user in accordance with the requirements of Polish law, in particular in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29 August 1997.

How do we protect the personal data?

File of the collected personal data is stored on servers ensuring proper protection. Full access to the data file is available only to a small number of authorised timeION associates.
timeION may contractually entrust processing of the collected data to other entities in accordance with Art. 31 of the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29 August 1997.

User’s rights

Each user who has disclosed his/her personal data has the right to review and correct his/her data as well as to request this data  to be processed  no longer or fully removed. A relevant request should be sent to the address of 10CLOUDS Limited Liability Company, Poselska 29, 03-931 Warsaw, Poland, e-mail: hello (at)

Other data

We also collect some data automatically when you use the timeION. When you access or use the timeION services, we may automatically collect information about you, including:

  •       Usage Information: We monitor user activity in connection with the timeION Services and may collect information about the content you access and any actions taken in connection with the access and use of your content in the timeION Services.
  •       Log Information: We log information about you when you access and use the timeION Services including your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, access times, browser type and language, Internet Service Provider (“ISP”), the Web pages that you visit, the content you use and the URL of the Web page you visited before navigating to the timeION Services.
  •       Device Information: If you access the timeION Services from a mobile device, we collect information about the device, including the hardware model, operating system and version, unique device identifiers, mobile network information (as allowed by the mobile network) or platform information (as allowed by the specific platform type). We do not ask for, access or track any location based information from your mobile device at any time while downloading or using our mobile apps.

Cookies policy.

Cookie files contain various data. Most often, they are text files stored on a device (e.g. on a hard drive, memory card etc.) of an end-user who browses the Internet. Cookies usually contain the name of a website, time of their storage and a unique number. If a given website stores cookies on a user’s computer, then each time that user accesses the website the cookie files are being read.

timeION collects the following cookies:
  •    session cookies which are temporary files stored on a user’s device as long as the user browses the timeION website;
  •    persistent cookies which are stored on the end-device of a visitor for a specified period of time or until they are manually deleted;
  •    as statistical cookies which collect information about how the website is being navigated, namely our website uses cookies;
  •    functional cookies which remember choices made by the visitors of timeION website, e.g. selection of a language, font size etc.

We do not combine information stored in cookies files with personal data inputted by a visitor of our website.
Management of cookie files is done through web browsers.

In most known cases, web browsers accept cookies by default. By adjusting settings of a web browser it is possible to enable/disable cookies (or just disable cookies from third parties) and force the web browser to display a message each time a cookie file is saved on our device.
Through settings of a web browser it is also possible to delete cookies saved on the device.
Information about how to do that can be found in help topics for your browser.


Privacy Policy is a subject to changes at any time. Changes that will not inflict any major impact will not be mentioned in any notifications, whereas more important will be included in for example: newsletters, blog posts, personal emails. We recommend you check the Privacy Policy page regularly.