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Productivity Boost

Work schedule

Enter in your regular work availability—the hours you usually work and the locations you are working from—and timeION will auto generate a stable recurring schedule, which you can easily edit if needed. This way, everyone will know when you are working and where you are working from.

Google for Work

If you already utilize Google Apps within the workplace, you can quickly get all users in your company setup with timeION without having to send an invite. All you have to do is share your account URL and all users within your Google Apps domain will be automatically signed up to timeION. It truly is as easy as that!

Google Calendar

Already a fan of Google Calendar? ! When you add events in your google calendar, they will automatically appear in your timeION timeline. It works the other way around too—just add an absence to your timeION timeline and it will be reflected in your google calendar as a regular event with proper description.

Multi Timezones

Collaborating with people across different timezones can become confusing but not when using timeION. With this helpful application, users can easily accommodate for the differences in timezones and will understand when it is the right time to talk to a person.


Leave Management

Acceptance flow

Request a day off and put the right person in charge of accepting your request. You may also leave a private message for a manager who may also, reply privately with their feedback.

Absence reports

Employees can easily track their own absence history while managers can obtain information at a glance regarding any employee. Reports are also easily extractable in your desired format (such as Excel)

Multiple offices

Conveniently share your work location with anyone in your company. This way, coworkers will know if they will be unable to physically locate you within the office if working from a different office branch or working remotely from home.


Track numerous types of time off within your organization starting with generic options for classifying time off (such as SICK LEAVE and VACATION)? You can even track other categories such as PAID/UNPAID time off. With timeION, you can add as many new categories as you would like: e.g. CONFERENCE, AWAY ON BUSINESS, MATERNITY LEAVE etc.

Contractor accounts

In today’s workforce, it is quite common to work with freelancers who aren’t directly part of the organization. To make the process easier, invite contractors to join your shared calendar as a guest so they can add their schedules. Contractors will remain private so they won’t be able to see the schedules for other people in your company but your colleagues will be able to view the contractor’s information.

Team schedule public link

Need to share your team’s work schedule with a client? Not a problem! Create a customized group to grant viewing privileges or generate a public link to easily share calendar access and provide complete transparency when working on customer projects. Outside people that are looped in, will also receive email notifications about team absences, which will help keep them informed.

Leave Allowance

Keeping track of year or month leave allowance is easy and natural. Each employee is able to find out how many days of vacation is left for this year. Managers might define which event types should have a year allowance and increase or decrease year limits for each employee. Robust reporting will help to make the right decisions<br />


Want to see employee availability separated out by teams, projects or any other grouping? With the new customisation feature, users will be able to create groups based on their individual needs so they can see the information they need before anything else (like skills, languages, project teams, rooms etc).


Can't find a feature you need?

Just because a feature hasn’t been included on the list above, doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. Some features are still in development while others, may be able to be delivered within a reasonable amount of time when requested. So—if you have a particular feature on your mind, drop us a line and let us know what you are thinking. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are always open to suggestions for how we can make timeION even better!